Details about services, prayer in church and funerals

All our services have now resumed in church: Sunday 10.30am Mass, Wednesday 10m Mass, Friday 1pm Mass.  Exact details of how this operates can be found here.  From 8th August, government requirements are that individuals should wear face coverings in church, except whilst receiving Holy Communion or leading parts of the service (e.g. reading from the Bible, leading intercessions, preaching or presiding), or if you fall into an exempt category.  There is 2m (6 feet)  distance between all the allocated places in church. The church is also open for private individual prayer,and you can find details about how to book a time to pray in church and the arrangements here.  We have sent out resources for prayer and worship at home, and copies are available on this page. There is a revised version of Spiritual Communion, which can be found in this section of the website or by clicking here.   Video messages are to be found one our YouTube channel, and on our Facebook page.  The individual links can be found on here

Funerals and weddings are now permitted in church; there are still some restrictions on numbers, and social distancing rules apply.  We are able to accommodate up to 30 mourners in St John's.  For more details please contact your funeral director, or the vicar, Father Barrie.  Weddings and baptisms are still prohibited until further notice (in an emergency, baptisms can be carried out in extremis).  If you are concerned about any of this, please contact us here or by telephone 0121 356 7998

Prayers, Spiritual Communion and the collects and readings fare all available in this section of the website. 

We will update this with further details on a regular basis.  (Last udpate: Saturday 8th August)

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