COVID-19 updates - God's eternal changelessness

These are unusual times.  We are having to make changes, which is always unsettling.  We are going to do everything we can, and everything we are advised to do to alleviate the situation.  It might turn out that some of the things we do are pointless.  But we will do them anyway.  Just in case.  Because we care about each other enough to do everything we can.  And if just one thing that we do reduces the possibility of one person catching the virus and dying… then we have done well.   So don’t think of the cup of tea that you can’t have after the service today.  Think of the lives that you might save by forgoing that cup of tea.  Or by taking one of the precautions that we take today.   So for a while we shall be doing things differently.  But it won’t kill us to do things differently.  In fact it might save lives.  So please – join us in taking that responsibility for doing things differently.  It’s not just for “other people” to do it: it’s for all of us.  And we do this not out of fear, but out of love.

And in all this turmoil and uncertainty, in all this upheaval and unusualness, in all this time of change… the one thing of which we can be certain, the one thing on which we can rely, the one source from which we can draw complete comfort and confidence, is God, and His eternal changelessness.  Whilst life might be unusual or unsettling, when we turn to God, we find certainty, reassurance and faithfulness.