Jesse Tree Stay and Play reopening letter

Dear Jesse Tree Attendees,


We are very pleased to announce that The Jesse Tree Stay and Play will be re opening on Thursday 9th September from 9.30 am to 11 am.

To comply with COVID 19 guidelines and restrictions, we are only permitted to have 15 people within our hall at a given time (children under 5 and volunteers are not included in this rule). To ensure that people are not disappointed, we have created a booking system.

You will need to phone or message me, Helen Greenwood, on 07907779814 to book a space. I will also be able to inform you if we are already booked up for that week. We have been asked – where possible – to encourage attendees to walk to and from Jesse Tree. There is a 50p entrance fee per family. Please bring correct change as I will be unable to give money back.

You will need to have returned a new Emergency Contact Form (the online version can be found here)  prior to attending the session. You can also download it here and return this via email address or in person at the first session you attend.  It is probably easiest to complete the online version if you are able.

Face masks will need to be worn inside the premises at all times, if you are facemask exempt then please wear a visor instead. Please also remember to keep 2 meters distance between yourself and others.

It is important that we keep ourselves and the areas we use clean at this time; please ensure that you bring and use hand sanitizer. There will be cleaning products available for use if you believe it is needed.

The only toilet we are permitting to be used is the disabled toilet with the nappy changing facilities. Please clean down any and all surfaces that you may have touched with the cleaning products provided after you have used the toilet or the nappy changing facilities.

We are currently unable to serve food and drinks at this time.  We encourage you to bring a drink and snack for yourself and your child(ren). You will need to ensure that your child(ren) sit with you when they eat or drink.

If you bring a pushchair it will need to be kept in the hall with you next to your chair.


Jesse Tree will look quite different to how it used to, but we believe that it will still be the fun, family and community environment that it always has been.  We are so excited to be welcoming you back.  We look forward to sharing joy, laughter (and the occasional tears) as we always have done. Jesse Tree is back!


God Bless

Helen Greenwood and the Jesse Tree Volunteers