The Bell Ringers

The St John's Society of Change Ringers is a friendly group of people who ring the bells at St John's.  We meet for bell ringing practice every Monday evening at 7pm, and every Sunday morning at 9.45am to ring before the Sunday Mass.

We continue to have great success in the bell tower of St. John’s, gaining a few more ringers on Sunday mornings - allowing us to expand our repertoire from 6 bell ringing to 8, and the continued training of new ringers on our Monday evening practice night - not just teaching new ringers from the surrounding area but also fine-tuning the skills of learners from other towers further afield. 


Last year some of our Sunday service band ringers started to assist at Aston parish church in their Sunday morning ringing. This help is being to bear fruit, as Aston is starting to now feed ringers back to us in gratitude. Aston has also kindly agreed to play host to an advanced practice, run by myself and some of our other helpers, in order to hone skills of our learners on higher numbers of bells.


The support from the St. Martin's Guild (the governing body for the bell ringers in Birmingham) still remains invaluable: Simon Linford and Tony Daw continue to assist with teaching and provide a real asset during our practice sessions.


The unceasing drive to encourage the recruitment of new ringers continues on, and of course we're always looking for more people to come and have a go, all are welcome!  If you would like to try bellringing or are interested in more information, please complete the contact form here