Sunday School

During the Parish Mass on Sunday mornings, young people from St John’s go across to the Church Centre to learn more about God and Christianity, to take part in enjoyable activities, and to learn more about themselves and each other.  The Sunday School children are a valued part of the worshipping life of St John’s: the entire congregation is present as we gather at the beginning of the service, and the children return in time for communion.  At the end of the service the congregation gets to find out what they have been up to!  The current Sunday School started in September 2007 and is led by Ann Harris, and assisted by a team of volunteers from the congregation.

As well as providing age-appropriate worship on Sunday mornings, we also have occasional activity days during the school holidays.  We join together with our neighbours at St Matthew’s so that we can enjoy being in a crowd!  We organise Lent Activity Days, Sunday School Away-days to Alton Castle and an annual Nativity Play.

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