Marriage Fees 2022

Marriage Service, including marriage certificate issued during the service

This fee includes one marriage certificate

For weddings taking place between 1st October and 31st March there is an additional £25 heating charge



Calling of Banns

If you are getting married by banns, then please add this fee to that for the Marriage Service

If your banns will also be called in other parish(es), then you need to pay this fee to each church in which banns are called

There is no need to pay this fee if you are getting married by licence



Marriage licence:  if either of you is not eligible to be married by banns, or does not have a UK passport/British nationality, you will have to obtain a licence from the register office in order to be married in St John’s by giving notice to the register office. 


£70 & £94

Banns Certificate (only charged if you live in a different parish)


In addition, you may wish to consider the following:

Church Organist

If the service is recorded by video/digital camera, then the organist fee is £160



We can usually arrange for a team of 6 bellringers to ring after your wedding.  The fee is for 6 bells being rung for at least 20 minutes of ringing after the service.  For an 8 bell team of ringers, the fee is £150


Robed Choir

Members of the choir of St John’s are available to lead the singing of hymns, and are able to sing during the signing of the register.  The fee for a video recording is £120.



Whilst there are usually some flowers in church, many couples like special flower arrangements for decoration.  Please contact Mrs Joan Bowskill on 0121 353 5087

By arrangement



  1. Start time:  all weddings are expected to start at the agreed time.  We cannot guarantee that the service will be able to take place if the start is delayed by more than 30 minutes.

  2. Payment of fees: a deposit (non returnable) of £50 is required at the time of booking, or no later than 3 months in advance of the date.  The total fee or balance must be paid at least a fortnight before the wedding.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘St John’s PCC’.

  3. Photography by an official photographer is allowed throughout the service.  Guests are also allowed to take photos (e.g. on their phones or cameras), but this should not disturb or distract from the service.  Some official photographers do not permit guests to take their own photos during the service.
  4. Video/digital recording:  if the service is to be filmed in any way, then the fees for the organist and choir are more expensive.  This is in line with performing rights guidelines of the Royal School of Church Music.  If arrangements for filming the service have not been made in advance, then guests must not record any part of the music in the service (e.g. on their phones), although the spoken parts of the service are permitted to be filmed discreetly.
  5. Confetti is permitted by the church gate (but not by the main door, in order to prevent it blowing back into the church)
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