There are particular times when it is good to remember our loved ones who have died, and there are certain times when it is good to have extra support and help during the weeks and months following a bereavement.

Here at St John's, we are here to support and help you with your grief and in starting to come to terms with your loss.  It doesn't matter whether or not we were involved with the funeral - there are a number of ways in which we offer this support:

Bereavement & Friendship Group

On most Monday afternoons (see the calendar) our Bereavement and Friendship Group meets at 1.30pm for a couple of hours of chat, refreshments and social events.  it is aimed particularly at anyone who has lost someone recently, and many of our members attend for quite a few months.  If you would like more details, please complete a contact form, and Jackie who runs our group will be in touch.


Lighting a Candle in Memory of your Loved One

In our Lady Chapel there is a candle stand where you can light a candle for prayers and in memory of someone who has died.  You can come in and do this yourself (the Church is open during the week for a number of services), or let us know via the contact form when you would like to come in and light a candle.  Lighting a candle can be done at any time of year, but it is especially poignant on the anniversary of a birthday or special occasion, or on the anniversary of the day that the person died.  If you can't get to church to light a candle yourself, just complete the contact form with the details, and one of our pastoral team will do it for you, and say a special prayer for you and your loved ones.  You can also light an online candle by clicking here.


Annual Memorial Service "All Souls"

Each year at the end of October/beginning of November, we have a special service to commemorate those who have died.  Families and friends of those who have died in the previous year are invited to come along and hear the names of loved ones read out, as candles are lit, prayers are said and hymns and music are played.  Details of the service are available on the calendar, and there is the opportunity to add names to the memorial list at the service itself, as well as sending them in advance.  If your loved one died in the last 12 months, and the funeral was taken by someone from St John's, their name will automatically be added to the list, and you will receive an invitation to the service a few weeks beforehand.