Hymns and Music List


Anglican Hymns Old and New






Sunday 5th January


805  We three kings

89  Brightest and Best

669  Songs of thankfulness and praise

205 From heaven you came

357 In the bleak midwinter

46  As with gladness

Sunday 12th January

Baptism of Christ

66  Be thou my vision

821  When Jesus came to Jordan

702  The church’s one foundation

734  the Virgin Mary had a baby boy

237 God forgave my sin   

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam (sheet)

Sunday 19th January

Epiphany 2

583  O worship the Lord

743  There is a redeemer


246  God is working his purpose out

413 Just as I am

684  Sweet Sacrament

273 Great is thy faithfulness

Sunday 26th January

Epiphany 3

767  Thou whose almighty word

152  Dear Lord and Father

223  Glorious things

337  I the Lord of sea & sky 499  Make me a channel

215  Give me joy in my heart

Sunday 2nd February


623  Praise my soul

105  Christ whose glory

452  Longing for light

377  Jesus bids us shine

62  Be still for the

479  Shine Jesus Shine

Sunday 9th February

3 before Lent

627  Praise to the holiest

425  Let all the world

67  Beauty for brokenness

4  A new commandment

430 Let there be love

769  Through all the changing scenes

Sunday 16th February

2 before Lent

19  All my hope

379  Jesus calls us

541  O for a thousand

652  Seek ye first

413 just as I am

574  O praise ye the Lord

Sunday 23rd February

Next before Lent

349  Immortal invisible

498  Majesty

628  Praise to the Lord

507  Meekness and majesty

647  Sanctus Sanctus

These are the days of Elijah (sheet)

Ash Wednesday 7.30pm

202  Forty days and forty nights

549  O lord you search me

364 It is a thing most wonderful

237  God forgave my sin

65 be thou my guardian

Sunday 1st March

Lent 1

747  There’s a wideness

538  O dearest Lord

811  What a friend we have in Jesus

169  Father hear

309  Holy Holy Holy

422  Lead us heavenly Father

Sunday 8th March

Lent 2

689  Take up thy cross

75  Blessèd assurance

772  Thy hand O God

687  Take my life

364 it is a thing

358 In the cross of Christ I glory

Sunday 15th March

Lent 3

334  I heard the voice

42 As pants the hart

369  Jesu lover of my soul

327  I cannot tell

517 My God I love thee

355  In heavenly love

Sunday 22nd March

Mothering Sunday

26 All things B&B

194 For Mary mother of the Lord

845  Ye who own the faith of Jesus

338  I watch the sunrise

684  Sweet Sacrament

491  Love divine (Blaenwern)

Sunday 29th March

Lent 5: Passiontide

576 O sacred head

740  There is a green hill

327  I cannot tell

600 open our eyes

820  When I survey the wondrous cross

205  From heav’n you came

Sunday 5th April

Palm Sunday

12 All glory Laud and honour (procession with donkey)

640  Ride on Ride on


278  Hail thou once despisèd Jesus

681  Such love

521  My song is love unknown

766 Thou didst leave thy throne

Thursday 9th April

Maundy Thursday  7.30pm

463 Lord Jesus Christ

45  As we are gathered


515 My God and is thy table spread

4 A new commandment

431 Let us break bread

Depart in silence

Friday 10th April

12 noon stations:

Good Friday 

1pm: Liturgy of the Cross

820 When I survey

364 it is a thing most wonderful  )                sung as separate verses during the

521 My song is love unknown      )                procession from station to station

Enter in silence

 740 There is a greenhill

810 were you there  (omit verse 5)

Receive in silence

Depart in silence

Sunday 12th April  6am

Easter Day  10.30am

No introit hymn

390  Jesus lives, thy terrors now

329 I danced in the morning

31 Alleluia Alleluia

733 The strife is o’er

381 Jesus Christ is ris’n today

703  The day of Resurrection

810  Were you there (all verses!)

62 Be still for the presence of the Lord

294  He is Lord

323 I am the bread of life

751 Thine be the glory

Sunday 19th April

Easter 2

463  Lord Jesus Christ

516 My God how wonderful

36  And can it be

600 Open our eyes

24  All that I am

798 We have a gospel

Sunday 26th April

Easter 3

359  In the garden Mary lingers

213 Gather around for the table is spread

99  Christ is the King

61 Be still and know

401  Jesus stand among

103  Christ triumphant

Sunday 26th April 6pm Benediction


Sunday 3rd May

Easter 4

340  I will sing the wondrous story

711  The head that once

355  In heavenly love abiding

45  As we are gathered

681  Such love

273  Great is thy faithfulness

Sunday 10th May

Easter 5

96  Christ is made

193  For I’m building

453  Lord enthroned

321  How sweet the name

549 O God you search

843  Ye that know

Sunday 17th May

Easter 6

337  I the Lord of sea and sky

481  Lord thy word

Jerusalem the golden (sheet)

156  Do not be afraid

62  Be still for

556  O Jesus I have promised

Thursday 21st May

Ascension Day 7.30pm






Sunday 24th May

Ascension 1

453  Lord enthroned

711  the head that once

150  Crown Him with many Crowns

507 meekness and majesty

684  sweet Sacrament

These are the days of Elijah (sheet)

Sunday 31st May


20  All over the world

87  Breathe on me breath of God

120 Come down O love divine

675  Spirit of the living God

580 O thou who camest

732  The Spirit lives to set  us free

Sunday 7th June

Trinity Sunday

310  Holy Holy Holy

516  My God how wonderful you are

582  O worship the King

309  Holy is the Lord

177  Father we love you

172  Father Lord of all creation

Sunday 14th June

Corpus Christi Sunday

463  Lord Jesus Christ

11  All for Jesus

684  Sweet Sacrament divine

431  let us break bread

670  Soul of my saviour

796  We hail thy presence (procession of Sacrament)

453  Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour

Sunday 21st June

Trinity 2

698  Thanks to God (ii)

193  For I’m building a people (sing twice)

491  Love Divine

350  Immortal love forever full

814  When God almighty

595  One more step

Sunday 28th June

Trinity 3

21 All people that on earth do dwell

237  God forgave my sin

36 And can it be

45  As we are gathered

515  My God and is thy table spread

843  Ye that know the Lord is gracious