Hymns and Music List

2 March  Ash Wednesday: 7.30pm

202  Forty days and forty nights


364 It is a thing most wonderful

237  God forgave my sin 549  O lord you search me

65 be thou my guardian

6 March

Lent 1

422 Lead us Heavenly Father


702  The Church’s one foundation

419  Kum ba yah

309  Holy Holy Holy

777  To God be the glory

13 March

Lent 2

425  Let all the world 


442  Light’s abode (T. Regents Square)

152  Dear Lord and Father

166 Faithful Shepherd

819  When I needed a neighbour

20 March

Lent 3

334  I heard the voice of Jesus say


702  The church’s one foundation

684  Sweet sacrament

43 as the deer pants

27 All who would valiant be

27 March

Mothering Sunday

666  Sing we of the blessed mother


845  Ye who own the faith of Jesus

784  Virgin born

194  For Mary mother

692  Tell out my soul

3 April

Lent  5/Passion Sunday

34 Amazing Grace


36 And can it be

413  Just as I am

820 When I survey

340  I will sing the wondrous story

10 April

Palm Sunday

12 All glory Laud and honour (procession with donkey)


327 I cannot tell

810  were you there (omit v5)

740 There is a green hill

640  Ride on Ride on


14 April

Maundy Thursday

463 Lord Jesus Christ


515 My God and is thy table spread

4 A new commandment

431 Let us break bread

Depart in silence

15 April 12 noon

Good Friday Stations

820 When I survey

364 it is a thing most wonderful  )                sung as separate verses during the

521 My song is love unknown      )                procession from station to station

15 April 1pm

Good Friday Liturgy

Enter in silence

 740 There is a greenhill

810 were you there  (omit verse 5)

Receive in silence

Depart in silence

17 April

Easter Vigil 6am

No introit hymn


703  The day of resurrection

62 Be still for the presence of the Lord

733 The strife is o’er

17 April

Easter Day 10.30am

381 Jesus Christ is ris’n today


329 I danced in the morning

294  He is Lord

323 I am the bread of life

751 Thine be the glory

24 April

Easter 2

32 Alleluia Alleluia


52 At the name of Jesus

213 Gather around

549 O God you search

798 We have a gospel

1 May

Easter 3

31 Alleluia Alleluia


142  Come ye faithful raise the anthem

24  All that I am

309  Holy Holy Holy is

777 to God be the glory