Jesse Tree Rules of Safety and Engagement

RULES; in the Interests of Safety and Enjoyment at the Jesse Tree Stay & Play:

We encourage children to be kind to each other and ask for your help to ensure that your child’s behaviour does not affect other children’s enjoyment of the group.

We are here to support each other and learn together. We understand that none of the children are ‘grown up’ yet and that if they break the rules, they are just in the process of learning within the boundaries set by the adults who care for them.

As children play, they learn and make new friends. Adults can chat if their children are happy and safe at their play but must remember that they remain responsible for them at all times and must never leave them alone.

Members are expected to show respect for everyone attending the group and treat everything that is said or overheard in confidence.

Adults must never carry more than one hot drink at a time and it must never be left unattended or in reach of a child.

Children must be supervised when going to the toilet.

Children must always be seated to eat or drink.

Sleeping children must not be left unattended.

All doors, especially main entrance door, must be kept closed.

No children allowed in the kitchen at any time.

No climbing on chairs or tables.

Not all toys are suitable for children under the age of 3; if in doubt, please ask.

All adults are responsible for their and their child’s personal belongings.

You are responsible for administering medication to your child.

If any toy or piece of equipment is damaged, please inform a member of staff and it will be removed immediately.

Please take your dirty nappies home with you for disposal.

Please do not attend the group if you or your child have an infectious disease or if you or your child have had vomiting or diarrhoea within the past 48 hours.


No Smoking, No Shouting, No Swearing and No Smacking.

Thank you!

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