Youth Club Rules of Safety and Engagement

RULES; in the Interests of Safety and Enjoyment at the St. John’s Youth Club:

We encourage Children and Young People (CAYP) to be kind to each other and to respect their peers.

We ask for parents and carers help to ensure that your child’s behaviour does not affect other children’s enjoyment of the group.

We are here to support each other and grow together.


If you hear or see something that worries you or your child tells you something that you believe needs reporting, please let Helen Greenwood (07907779814) or another member of the volunteer team know immediately.


No children allowed in the kitchen at any time.

CAYP are not allowed to climb on chairs or tables.

Fighting and bullying are not tolerated. If your child is found to be doing either, they will be asked not to attend again.

CAYP are responsible for their own personal belongings.

We ask that CAYP respect others belongings. Stealing is prohibited.

We cannot administer medication to your child. If they require medication during the session, they must be responsible for taking it. I.e inhalers for asthma.

CAYP will be encouraged to report any piece of equipment that is damaged, this is for their own safety.


Please do not attend the group if you or your child have an infectious disease or if you or your child have had vomiting or diarrhoea within the past 48 hours.


No Smoking/Vaping, No Shouting, No Swearing and No Smacking/Fighting.

Thank you!

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